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(07-21-2015 15:42)stof Wrote: [ -> ]Really nark?

Well, yes, I haven't played THPS2 or don't remember playing it, but google has been helpful. Original
At first I thought I might have found a secret area developed by Demo and won some dollar(that's right, some dollar!).. the truth is disappointing, but a man can dream Wink
for this bug
there is a way to make the most translucent haze?

[Image: 6lNHrhQ.jpg]
I think Pinky means, is there a way to make the names have their collor back again?
It seems the names no-clip through the objects and have the collor of the sky, instead of the regular red/blue in ctf for example
nicks bug

I began to think they had in common the maps had nicks bug
and they had in common the maps had no nicks bug

so look at the scripts of some maps and compare with ap

result: I did not understand anything

import the sky 3d models

compare they had in common

ap vs sub

AP has a "normal" scale

the regardless of sky map suburbia the result was this

ap sky is very small in comparison to sky suburbia

[Image: BWJ6Zya.png]

swap file
ap-ap-sky.tdx sky.qb
sky.qb sub-sub-sky.tdx

[Image: kpbyiNX.jpg]

[Image: 2gcSX5Y.jpg]
bug nicks

me puse a pensar que tenian en comun los mapas que tenian nicks bug
y que tenian en comun los mapas que no tenian nicks bug

asi que mire los scripts de ciertos mapas y los compare con ap

resultado: no entendi nada

importe los sky models 3d

compare que tenian en comun

ap vs sub

ap tiene un escalado "normal"

al importar el sky del mapa suburbia el resultado fue este

sky ap es muy pequeño en comparacion a sky suburbia

intercambie el archivo
ap-sky.qb ap-sky.tdx
sub-sky.qb sub-sky.tdx

try to use this qb for college, you might be able to load college without rails and spawn at random locations. in fact it's just qb from chicago.

report if this still crashes the game.


it's 7z renamed to zip, just in case
Is this for everyone or?
you can pick college from original esc menu
I installed levelmod the other day on my XP computer. Worked great! There is a problem though, there is no warehouse, burnside, nor roswell. They're just gone. When you try to change levels they're greyed out. Xd
that's because you didn't unlock them in career mode. download some 100% save on the web.
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