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emcitement Wrote:pretty cool mod. some of the levels look good.
If there were a way to bring up the normal pause menu when online then maybe you could load them like that.
This has been worked on and will be optional addon in next release
emcitement Wrote:Would it be possible to make the skies toggle-able?
If it can be done so that it automatically unload the skies when playing team games I guess would be ok will look into it
Demo Wrote:don't think downhill fits th3, but sewers and little big world from th4 ps1 would be nice. MHPB1 maybe, but not before th1-th4 maps are in.

What about Skate Heaven from normal THPS2 and Atlanta from THUG2 Remix/THAW for PS2?
wieprzu Wrote:What about Skate Heaven from normal THPS2 and Atlanta from THUG2 Remix/THAW for PS2?
Demo Wrote:not before th1-th4 maps are in.
Demo Wrote:[Image:]

chances of atlanta are very low, cause its ps2 format is unknown and they are different usually. spending time on a complex format just for 1 map, it's not worth the efforts... thps psx format took about 7 months, but we have access to every th1 + th2 map now.
how long it will be ready the new maps?
Have you considered adding the extra maps from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x, or is that not possible?

Also will it be possible to scroll though the list of maps, as in the current version some maps do not display on the map selection screen.

Keep up the good work.
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Wow! That looks fantastic so far!

In fact, when I was watching that video seeing what you have done it inspired me to get off my fat ass and go work on something!

...but I couldn't think of anything, so I sat back down.


The stuff you worked on so far is just amazing, and I can't wait play it.

Keep up the great work!
Can't wait (sombrero)
ok for this time only i reply 2 times on the same vid: oh my god omg this looks sick!
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