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just released 4.1 patch. here's what we fixed/added/changed.

- fixed avira THPS3Stup.exe false detection
- fixed Skate Heaven loop
- London Club renamed to Club
- fixed namebug online
- fixed Alcatraz rail crash (in prison)
- improved Alcatraz teleport
- fixed Alcatraz trap room
- fixed Marseille CTF spawn
- added Downtown flags
- added Skatestreet flags
- Skatestreet no doors online
- moved Oil Rig key
- added london flags and key
- fixed london crash (hopefully)
- fixed skate heaven loop
- blocked missing CTF and CZ selection online
- new LevelMod Settings menu
- LevelMod update notifier on startup

update notifier will inform you if there is a new version of levelmod available at thps3 startup.

new levelmod settings menu allows you to toggle fixes you may not want (i highly doubt you will Tongue). it includes offline styled menu online (very helpful against change level menu bug), sound fix and teleport switch fix.
I dislike the new menu on escape, I've always used the thps3 2.0 menu next to the escape menu. The only downside to the 2.0 menu is that you have to press camera button + grind/flip? and it switches camera position all the time.

The new menu makes it difficult to start games, since you have to press escape and then click on esc.. Alternative ending such as 5 caps or 1 time all zones are not included in the menu, there is no start game button :shock: and when you want to go back to the previous menu by pressing escape, you are leaving the menu. There is also no option to change the level to a CAP. And it adds an additional step to pretty much everything. Yes it's useful when having a levelbug and yes the new change level menu is way better; I use it even without levelbugs, but I rather keep that (fortunately it's an option, but just sharing my thoughts) on a different button (combination) so that I can immediately access the old menu whenever it is needed.
lyst Wrote:I dislike the new menu on escape

options -> levelmod settings -> new menu: off

you're right about esc returning to game, i noticed this long time ago but some1 ignored this Tongue thought about start game button just yday, but well as it is. will be added i think. and cap as well.

and i personally dont see any problem in pressing esc - enter, if you dont touch anything, "esc" is selected in menu by default.
Awesome work demo and vadru.

I checked some maps and they look very nice. Today I can check out the rest of it.
I heard the client esc menu is the same as the host, results in crashes when trying to change lvl.
almost forgot, it was levelmod's 1 year anniversary on november 28, hb levelmod :lol: remember what you've seen one year ago. i must admit, things are evolving Original

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happy birthday (santa)
[Image: render1e.jpg]
Your imageshack is still not safe, Demo Tongue
Now could you explain what it is? I don't remember such level in any TH game. Is this from Dave Mirra or something?
^ I think that level is a test level from MHPBMX
Mattthofman pro bmx for those who didnt understandTongue
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