Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

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Round 2

[Image: 63445233.png][Image: 45859483.png][Image: 93351348.png]
first screen looks like from Tomb Raider Laugh
hell yeah that looks like tomb raider lol Xd.. idk any of those maps never played..
1. Moscow (secret level place)
2. Hawai (inside tiki's head)
3. Manhattan (near the sp spawn)
from thug ofc Original easy ;p
no, it's tomb raider
Demo Wrote:no, it's tomb raider

hahaha it made me laugh Laugh
another tip(request)---> PLEASE try to fix the chatlines Laugh
this shouldn't be included in levelmod, since ppl may use their own modded chatmessages to show another text in a different color. also they may use mid chat or left chat. i may upload my netmessages instead which i made like year ago already.
please Original
David Wrote:please Original
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