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dude WTF do u really give a shit that i wrote koan instead of kona -_-
Just tried this, pretty neat. Now I just need to get fraps working better.
ehm deom and sihn would you guys mind to stop compensating your social awkwardness by insulting zedd!? thx.
.laeve eZdd aolne
ontopic. :roll:

wtf wtf wtf wtf stupid forumguys lol if someone could just help me and OH for all the crying people I am SORRY for writing koan instead of kona! I hope I didn't write anything wrong now. u can always PM me..
Merry x-mass shizz Laugh
it's Kona USA Original
Any chance of converting London?
plum Wrote:Any chance of converting London?
They can convert in 10-20mins, but textures take very long time Laugh
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