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lyst Wrote:Edit it works. Btw the sand in Venice should be out of bounds.
just if it would be as easy to add as to write Tongue
unbelievable stuff Original
except some nms Laugh

Great work guys. Seeing Alcatraz aswell was a pleasant surprise. You even got the little teleports with the names working which is great.

Some little things I noticed:

The ceiling glass breaking thing in School 1 is pretty weird, it doesn't break and stuff becomes invisible when you go through it. Any way to bypass that?

You can go through stuff you haven't opened/broken like pool entrance in school 2/ vents in Alcatraz or glass in general but meh who cares right?

Also a request for the future: Please change the background of your signature in Venice to a more brownish colour or something.

I don't mind you putting your signatures into the levels you converted, I thought it was pretty cool when I ran into it in Kona since it's like a part of the level.

In Venice on the other hand... *cough* It's like hitting my face with a brick. Tongue I can see an orange blob when I'm on the other side of the level etc etc.
ye i know it is pretty noticable Xd the problem is that exatly that one texture uses compression that we can't handle right now, so i had to just fill the gap with this signature, same was with motox back in days.
I steel waiting for the levels :roll:
You also have the wonderful problem of having too many levels. :Original The levels under Venice are cut off in the change level menu offline or while using the alternative change level menu online.

Fixing it will probably be a bit annoying. You'd need to split up the master_level_list array into two different arrays, make a seperate menu for the second part of the levels, make sure everything works together etc etc or alternatively find a way to scroll like in the movies menu.

EDIT: or not *cough* Actually it was extremely easy to fix.
#01190    CreateAndAttachMenu STRUCT{
            type = scrollingmenu[
            id = change_level_menu
            x = 160.0
            y = 70.0
            w = 300.0
            h = 400.0
            num_visible = 19

I changed the type of change_level_menu from "verticalmenu" to "scrollingmenu" + you need to to add the number of lines you want visible.
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Here's an edited vanilla game.qb file, unzip in your scripts folder etc
Level Mod scrolling level menu
alcatraz not workin for me :s
@coolsnake actually i made it scrolling menu like months ago, but adding game.qb will introduce deeper incompatibility with mods, or i should include longer chat and some other handy things in there. i'll think about it, if ppl agree, i can include it in mod. problem is that my gamemenu.qb is tweaked much more with debug, replay, skip to restart and other shit Tongue
Lalita Wrote:alcatraz not workin for me :s

i was playing 3mins on alcatraz and my thps3 got freeze.
shin Wrote:i was playing 3mins on alcatraz and my thps3 got freeze.
ey shin, even oil is glitchy on your laptop Tongue
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