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I love the new structure in the thps3 2.0 menu, finally I can pick the new levels while actually seeing them :lol:
This is fantastic, I wonder where we go from levels?

*...looks at Demo's Photostream...*
[Image: skdemopsx.jpg]
... my imageshack is not safe anymore

it's just unused map from thps2x. new maps are welcomed, if only we had a good 3d modeller.
What about Little Big World and Sewers?
wieprzu Wrote:What about Little Big World and Sewers?
right after someone will get source files
I nostalgia'd pretty hard after seeing all those "unpopular" THPS2 levels again. Never knew it would be so satisfying to ride through bull dung again...

I still get the Alcatraz rail crash. I first thought it was something graphic settings related but after messing around with those settings that doesn't seem to be the case. Weird since I sometimes get that specific crash but not all the time. Also have a fresh install of THPS3.

The little extension mod from Vadru didn't work either, I still get the old online menu.

Have browsed through all the levels now, complete insane awesomeness.
coolsnake Wrote:I still get the Alcatraz rail crash
Somehow the wrong version got into the installation but luckily I had the fixed version backedup so this will be fixed in patch.
coolsnake Wrote:The little extension mod from Vadru didn't work either, I still get the old online menu.
Sorry for that upped wrong version try this
All levels of THPS3 when this mod is installed: (Images will be used in THPS3 integration, which we will continue on soon.)
[Image: School.png] [Image: Mall.png] [Image: Skatepark.png] [Image: DownhillJam.png] [Image: Downtown.png] [Image: Streets.png]

[Image: Hangar.png] [Image: School2.png] [Image: Marseille.png] [Image: NewYork.png] [Image: Venice.png] [Image: SkateStreet.png] [Image: Philadelphia.png] [Image: Bullring.png] [Image: ChopperDrop.png] [Image: SkateHeaven.png]

[Image: LondonClub.png] [Image: ConstructionSite.png] [Image: Tampa.png] [Image: Subway.png] [Image: SkyLines.png]

[Image: Foundry.png] [Image: Canada.png] [Image: Rio.png] [Image: SkaterIsland.png] [Image: Airport.png] [Image: LosAngeles.png] [Image: Suburbia.png] [Image: Tokyo.png] [Image: CruiseShip.png] [Image: Warehouse.png] [Image: Burnside.png] [Image: Roswell.png] [Image: Oilrig.png] [Image: Paris.png]

[Image: Alcatraz.png] [Image: KonaUSA.png] [Image: London.png] [Image: MotoX.png]
warehouse burnside and roswell may be in thps1
Demo Wrote:warehouse burnside and roswell may be in thps1
wouldnt be a bad idea to stick it in both menus since everyones used to playin it in thps3
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