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so i'm bumping this up with an update
it's been a while since last release so we decided to split build 4 in parts and release some stuff now.

so what's new in this patch:
- everything related to Oil Rig is fixed - tape in skateshop, original textures, patch for slow machines. if your Oil Rig lags as hell, go to "data\levels\oil\" folder, remove oil.tdx and rename oil_lowres.tdx to oil.tdx. it just stretches textures to 32x, but it seems to work.
- better xbox textures in skateshop. needed this to fix tape and i hardly think anyone will complain about it.
- enabled game selection on every map, though still not all maps have flags and zones set up.
- some maps now have zones - paris, alcatraz, school2, maybe others...
- finally fixed Kona textures.
- fixed alcatraz and school2 graphics.
- added downhill jam. this map is provided as is since it never meant to be finished Tongue maybe we'll fix it when we'll have better tools.
- also fixed graffiti mode, note that you will get tag only for grinding trickobject.

known issues:
alcatraz may crash, this is not a surprise. it will definitely crash if someone without patch will bail on your host. so be sure everyone uses patch.

report if you got any problems with it
Great news, will check it out right away :Laugh
Great job, cant wait for build 4 Wink
Amazing job.
nice, does this also include more than 1 spawn point for alcatraz?
wild786 Wrote:nice, does this also include more than 1 spawn point for alcatraz?
Yay Downhill Jam c;
I will try it now :Original
wonderfull, love it! (Y) rly big gj demo and vadru.. very nice colour work!
Kona and Alcatraz look simply amazing.
CZ with 10 zones takes ages though :lol:

Some bugs:
No music in alcatraz
People keep crashing in alcatraz, even if everyone has the patch.
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