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Vad and Demo could ya guys keep working on the th4 lvls?
There's some issues like for example carnival crashes after some time when someone joins and there's a lot of things missing on the map, sometimes you touch the invisible objects while skating and in alca I keep respawning in random spots. I don't know if it is supposed to be like that.
Vad and Demo I really need you guys to fix the Bandicam compatibility with this dll file as soon as posssible thank you so much
NVM sohn was able to fixed it with fraps thank you anyways guys
(11-18-2020 03:11)Dav23cm Wrote: [ -> ]NVM sohn was able to fixed it with fraps thank you anyways guys

That's what I told you to do weeks ago lol

It's not possible to fix a bug in a dll when I don't have the source code.

If you can find which version that dll was on github, it would be easier, but still it's alot of work to fix a bug and I can't keep supporting the older versions of the mod.

So either get the latest or live with the old bugs.

Like I explained to you earlier you can also checkout older versions on github and try which one works best for you.
Just wanted to know if ya'll still working... Didn't hear anything else about the project vad and demo Crying Crying Crying
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