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hm so what now? My thps3 is pretty fucked up, how can i uninstall the 4.1 patch?
lm4 is basically not compatible with 2.0. and 4.1 should be only installed over 4.0.
if your game is fucked up you always can download original scripts folder and install whatever you want again.

what 2.0 features you use frequently that are not in levelmod?
So , my problem is I have Vadru's mod THPS3 2.0 and I also want all those new levels, because it seems like most of the people are using them sometimes and I'd like to check them out so I'd love to have them both. But as I read in this thread levelmod4 also includes some other features like longer hostname etc.. Ok now it seems that I missread ur post , I thought it was possible to have levelmod4 with 2.0 but not levelmod4.1 with 2.0 , so I installed levelmod4 while I had 2.0 and everything worked fine, I saw some changes when I started the game (like loadingscreen and when u click on the icon to start THPS3 thers another screen,..) But I didn't seem to have any new levels, so I also installed 4.1 because I trusted it as 4.0 was installed so easy and was going so easy with my 2.0.. Ok now then it went wrong I could start the game but I still didn't have any levels and everytime I tried to join DudeXST's server I crashed, I looked again and they seemed to be playing School II? I could join other normal servers but I had a very weird menu when I was ingame and after pushing some things in that menu I couldn't even open any menu with Esc. So I couldn't close the game, anyway it was very weird.. So that's my biggest problem for now that weird ingame menu Tongue I would just like to delete the levelmod4.0 and 4.1 and just have 2.0. But is ther no possibility to have them both? Could u work on that? Good 2.0 features: slap off/on ingame, going to internet lobby ingame, changing the password of your server/limit of players/name of server/.... , changing the level (for when u have levelbug) and so on.
but first I really need to get rid of 4.0 and 4.1 because I cant play online decently now Sad
well, global mods are rarely compatible Tongue once when i asked vadru about his 2.0 stuff he said he don't even remember how it works and was surprised taht someone uses it, hehe. if you'll open up the scripts, you'll find they're pretty messed up. looking for those unnamed variables should be full time paid job Tongue

there are server options in levelmod as well as extended level menu, trick editing, sound options, etc.
this is what you get when you press esc online in levelmod. btw most ppl use defmod for slap

restore original scripts, then install 2.0.
that's what I see when I press esc online Tongue well yeah but I like vadru's mod 2.0 for turning slap on/off ingame, for defmod u first need to alttab right? and need to have defmod program working

edit: I find it pretty hard to download & install THPS3 2.0 by Vadru Tongue
the second link u gave are those the original scripts for thps3? If I do that I'll have to re-install 2.0 as u say right? Can I not just install 2.0 again OVER lvlmod4.1?
basically what you see on the screen is the levelmod script trying to call the wrong 2.0 menu.

maybe you can drop 2.0 scripts over levelmod because 2.0 provides full scripts folder, im not sure, though it doesn't cost anything to test Tongue

generally if you want a "clean" mod you should reset to default scripts, then install. the link ive provided is for the default scripts folder.

there is a trick with defmod, you may have all of the mods installed in different folders, but you'll have to choose which one you want to run. for example. install 2.0, rename scripts folder to "th3 mod" and copy default scripts again. now if you'll write "th3 mod" in defmod - you'll have 2.0 and "scripts" will get you into clean thps3.

Ok lets say I just want to use the levels from the levelmod not the actual ESC menu and stuff. I can just copy the level files from scripts (of the levelmod) and place them into the th3 mod folder (2.0). That way I can still use the levels and use the 2.0 at the same time right?
Brilliant idea Slappy Tongue! Do u also use 2.0?
Demo, u should tell vadru (where is he anyway) he must work further on his 2.0, it's really a good mod!
Yea I used 2.0 with levelmod but I found the levelmod to be less buggy. Im download it again now since it had more features.

Also You should fix up the links on the front page..

So yeah it works.. but if you're host and you want to play on levels you have to go into the true ESC menu in order to change the maps to levelmod. Otherwise you won't be able to see which map you're picking using the mod menu
we can't find time to finish lm5 and you ask vadru to work on abandoned mod... it got like 3 useful options that levelmod misses lol, i'd even prefer levelout 2.9 rather then 2.0 Tongue

that way may work, but i had some negative reports about this method so i don't reccomend it anymore, there is a high chance of random crashing. like let's say, we added a function in a script that you replaced with another file and your game will crash if it will need this function. there are like 10 qb files in levelmod. if you keep them safe, you're okay Tongue

will check the links
seems like everything works there, isnt it?
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