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Zedd Wrote:
shin Wrote:
lyst Wrote:That dirt map looks awesome for races Laugh

good idea. Im gonna think about line Laugh
OMG are races still alive Laugh?

nopeLaugh but ppl liked my line on ap so i will try make new one o kona Original
If you can fix oil rig textures THEN you're awesomeZZZ
haha that dirt map would be awesome for ak-off races Laugh
Day Wrote:If you can fix oil rig textures THEN you're awesomeZZZ
Motox sry but sucks Wink
Well inmy opinion i love the things you did. you pushed modding in thps3 to another level so big GJ for thatOriginal
Kona USA,Oil rig own..hangar is ok but paris sucks... themotox is a kinda useless map but thx for bringing it baq.
Motox is awesome. My fav map from today Laugh

plz make venice :cry: I love this level!!
hm wtf, now I got all those new levels, but all my original maps are gone -_-? only got Foundry ... anyone know what to do? And btw some textures fail in the new levels, like in motox i see all the way squares that make it look like u can fall thru the map, if u know what i mean, and in Hangar, the place where the airplane flies, i also got some texture fails..?
DUDE PROPS!!!!!!!!!

Youre a legend
oil rig lags for me like hell rotfl
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