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I want to get rid of both of the mods and have the original thps3 again, because it's messed up now but it seems like I can't do it Tongue u gave me a link on page 40 for default scripts folder, I have to put that instead of the scripts folder I'm using now right?
that is the problem with administrative rights.
try to run winrar as admin.
or you can drag and drop the folder from winrar to your desktop or my docs folder, then replace.
oh I thought I edited my post, Well that same day I changed 'Th3 Mod' in defmod to 'scripts' and then I started THPS3 and it started with levelmod4.1. And now I've got the levels and stuff, it's indeed a really nice mod and less buggy than 2.0. I didn't know u could change game options like server name and password etc.. Only it's a pity I cant turn slap on/off ingame anymore or go to the lobby ingame. Maybe you could put that in the next version of levelmod? Would be awesome Wink So my problem is kinda solved; I'm going to use levelmod4.1 for now without 2.0. Hope you can ever put some extra things in so this will be best mod ever. BTW are ther zones/flags in the levels?
(06-30-2013 13:48)Zedd Wrote: [ -> ]Only it's a pity I cant turn slap on/off ingame anymore or go to the lobby ingame. Maybe you could put that in the next version of levelmod?

these are the options i proposed for build 5, but we were unable to release it. however, i will maybe add it as a small patch once. actually to have these options one have to edit just a few lines.

(06-30-2013 13:48)Zedd Wrote: [ -> ]BTW are ther zones/flags in the levels?

not all, if you played th1-2, all maps that have SKATE letters and hidden tape in it have zones at those spots.
zones and flags for 10 maps were additionaly published later in a separate thread yet im not sure if lyst unlocked it to everyone, since it was kind of testing.
I think I've got 2 impossible suggestions:
- Is it possible to make something in this mod or any mod that stops u from crashing when u alttab too long?
- Can u make something that when a host goes afk for a long time he can make someone else 'the host'. which means the other guy who becomes 'host' is not really host but can now start a game in the server and choose the game and time and maybe level,... (I think it was also a suggestion some years ago for vadru's 2.0 mod)
if you mean clients timing out then no, it basically happens because your game doesn't respond to clients and it lose connection. a solution to this is to play in window - function in defmod. your game is always active while windowed and you may do whatever you want outside the game. but if you crash while hosting, it's some bug prolly, lol.

i think vadru tried that client-host function for 2.0 but didn't suceed. it may be possible now with levelmod scripts. we once discussed map voting system like in most shooters, yet never came close to it.

there was an attemt made by coolsnake, not really client-host but auto host that starts trick attack in cycle. you can find it somewhere in the mods section.
Ok, thx for awnser and is it me or can't u see the flag above a player in ctf when that player has got the flag when U ARE OBSERVER?
same thing with zones and key, it's th3 bug. observer mode became what it really should be only in thug2...
Spying on Demo's imageshack account continues...

Great to see that you're working on MHPB levels, i love that game Thumbup
haha ye well that is some independent research related to this thread

i actually work on some stuff by myself which involved some deep th2 engine research which ended up in porting all of thps2x maps in th3 and mhpb came as unofficial part of it. this doesn't mean we're going to include mhpb anywhere soon since we can't even provide the build 5 as we promised, but let's keep our fingers crossed.

as an example i'm leading LevelPack mod for thps2 which adds th1-4 levels in th2, but i realize not much th3 ppl would be interested Tongue

edit: and those who are actually interested are anyway subbed to my youtube channel and seen it alrady Tongue
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