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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour RULES! GROUPS!
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resul and haci 1 - 2 uLoveMe and bLueman

k im extending deadline till saturday(for sal, but u better play !!)

lyst get a new partner and once fool is READY with his partner set up a time and post it here

fool same goes to u, unless sal can play now then just set up a time with lyst once he gets a new partner and post it here

owni just get a new partner u hav no contact with 2ss lol

faith fresh shifty krea, if u guys have already set up a time please post it here

try a bit harder this time and dont wait till the last day Tongue
lol till friday...
cmon im free on saturday
shufty an me can play thursday morning + afternoon and friday afternoon
k ill extend it till saturday, when lyst gets a new partner arrange a time for saturday and post it here
Hmm I can only play before 1pm at saturday..
ill probably still be asleep then...
lol till saturday...
cmon im free on sunday
Skater4Life Wrote:lol till saturday...
cmon im free on sunday

lol fuck dat

ill do it if lyst fool and u are free all day on sunday
I could play on sunday, from like 14:00 to 18:00, or from 20:00 to 24:00. Same goes for every other day.
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