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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour RULES! GROUPS!
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lyst Wrote:So ok me and vad vs s4l and noo this sunday 17:00?

sal and fool, yes
Sorry I just woke up at that moment :lol:
fresh faith u guys havent posted a single damn thing yet krea has posted what times he can play why the fuck havent u guys replied omg i asked u guys in person since wednesday Closedeyes

krea or shifty if u guys see this fresh n faith are on right now, u can play them if u get on

edit: shifty is on now, waitin for krea lol

UGH nvm

fresh n faith are disqualified for not giving a rats ass and not even checking the thread

shifty n krea get auto advanced to r2... Closedeyes
mh i would like to continue that tourney but i wont be able to play in one month ..
plz let's do that tourney faster :roll:
Hey, well...

faith and i can almost play evrey time.. just say one
boom n goof be on in about 40mins or so k
i thought it was @ six?
I'm online but i can't join ownish's server
goof & wild vs owni & boom : 2-0

could u list the matches and rules pls again its pretty cluttered. so is it elimination 8-4-2? and 3 games per match with xtc.
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