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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour RULES! GROUPS!
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tell me why?
ok i think we will cut this tour.
1. all say its bad orgaized ( bit rigth)
2. no1 play
3. i dont have much time to play
4. sick has no thps3
so its over

Edit: i will not organise any tour ag.

lol noob

ill take over this tour and finish it


thats the way i love u wild :mrgreen:
im assuming manu and goof arent playing anymore

so if goof is alright with it i'll replace manu and play with him

is everyone else still in or u guys wanna wuss out too

if u wanna wuss out post it as soon as possible so we can diss u too

aside from that

1. Ownish & 2sS vs w!Ld & Goof (if goof says yes,other ppl are free to sign up just in case he says no)
2. Haci & Resul vs ULoveMe & Blueman
3. Noo & Lyst (changed now) vs S4l & Foolish
4. Krea & Shifty vs Fresh & Faith

the first match is kinda messed up but others should totally start playing, ill find other teams, and if anyone sees goof online just ask him if he wants to play wit me and stuff k thx

its not shins system or anything ok

u play 3 games, with xtc and thats it

i dont wanna make it complicated (or read shins system)

no cheats no camp bla bla

deadline is 10th
everyone discuss and arrange the time u wanna play in this topic
arrange time and date in 2 days if possible

ill be having my pc in 3 days or so

edit: looks like esk & sick cant play 1 spot is open for new team
ok im in but i need teammate..
hmm shifty should be done with exams now ill try to get him online
well just say when and where Tongue?
ok me and 2sS are in.
ask him when he can play vs us, im free from thur to monday idk bout goof tho
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