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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour RULES! GROUPS!
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well can i join the tour?Im looking for a partner
ur in if goof doesnt wanna play wit me
i will, but i am with manu already?
manu Wrote:ok i think we will cut this tour.
1. all say its bad orgaized ( bit rigth)
2. no1 play
3. i dont have much time to play
4. sick has no thps3
so its over

Edit: i will not organise any tour ag.


looks like manu cant play Tongue
I would play with zoe but it looks like goof playes with u wild :oops:
there u got a good point wild, or 5 good points. So k we are a team
So if someone is looking for a partner im free!
owni 2ss can u guys play on weekends cos i can definitely play then
i can. idk bout 2ss tho
Ownish Wrote:i can. idk bout 2ss tho

k ask if u have him on msn or sthin
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