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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour RULES! GROUPS!
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ok guys:
Poll is over and as u can see shins system won!

In match your team is 2x blue and 2x red. We play only on RIO, 5 minutes + xtc. so match will take long time but of course you can play it in 2 days. Or whatever you want. And now the most important thing- score system:

- if your team wins in time(before xtc) you get 1 point// if draw= 0 points
- if your team makes more xtc you get 1 point// if draw= 0 points
- if your team wins the match(I mean 5 minutes + xtc) you get 1 point, if draw= 0 points

I hope you guys can count and it won't be a problem for you.. if you can count you can see it's possible to get 12 points in match with your opponents ==> Win in time 1 point+ 1 point for xtc + 1 point for all match if you win = 3. As we play 2x blue, 2x red so it's 3x4= 12.

Example: Team 1 vs Team 2
in time 2:0 for team 1 = team 1 1 point
xtc 2:1 for "team 2" ( xtc counts itself) 0:1 =team 2 1 point
at all: 2:1 for team 1 = team 1 1 point
ENDSCORE 2:1 for team 1

From every group 2 teams with the most points advance to the next round.

We didnt manage to get 16 teams so we play tour with 8

1. Sick & Esk8 vs ManU & Goof
2. Haci & Resul vs ULoveMe & Blueman
3. Wild & Lyst vs S4l & Foolish
4. Krea & Shifty vs Freah & Faith

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lottery vid
hmm.. try to do it as fast as possible

Gl & HF
Did you make lotery for groups? I find those groups not balanced but i might be wrong.
ya i did lotery should i make a pic of the paper Tongue
or u wanna ask my friend im watching soccer with?
nice groups !
BTW g0g0g0 for Lyon (champion's league) :Original
haha BAYERN 1 LYON 000000
You posted 2mins too early bluey, now u were selfownd Original 1-0 for Bayern yaaay. And that gay referee is corrupt or wtf :0

Anyways easy group for sal and me Laugh
OMFG OWNED ! i hope 5-0 for Lyon next match !

K i stop offtopic


nice groups :ugeek: lets start bluey Tongue


btw wuhuuuuuuu GOOOOAALLLLLLL!!!!!! 1:0 for FC Bayern
Bayern ownz hard =D


Bayern is goinga win this CL!!Wink
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