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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour RULES! GROUPS!
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its stupid to play 12 matches in 1 group its too much


no f... u s4l don´t destroy this beautiful rio ctf tourney
Its ok to play 12 matches.
wtf why groups :shock: , didn't you get my point why we can't play with 10 or 12 players?
this is really badly organized i mean 12 matches are just tooooo much thats like 2 hours of playing
the rules are really bad i didnt even vote in that poll cuz what kind of organizer doesnt put the well known 5 cap limit way of playing cz where there is no xtc, here its 66% xtc so wats the point, better put it 5 sec ctf with xtc that rule about if you win match you get 1 more point is also stupid. better put it like 1 point for in time and 1 point for xtc than at least it will be equal.
Actually Lyst is right. I thought the reason behind allowing either 8 or 16 groups was that we were going to play simple K.O. system. Group system would work for 10 12 14 etc. too o.O Sorry that I'm mocking again, but this rly seems bad organized.

Also I dunno if i misread your post manu, but it seems you did lottery with a random friend of yours. You could also do it with your hamster then, usually it should be someone from that tour (not your partner) you do lottery with.
I dont want to bash you Manu, but yeah they're right. Dont take it personally though. The point of using groups is because we did NOT have exactly 8 or 16 teams. Secondly? 4 matches? come on... It's already hard to get people to play their matches when its 2v2, but play 12 matches?
A group system like this is comparable to a 48 player 1vs1 tourney. Try to get all 48 players to play...


Don't care about their meanings manu!!! If they don't wanna play 12 matches, they should get outta this tour for other teams who wanna play 12 matches. teams like owni and boom.
Sure it would be a problem if the teams who signed up for this tour are not often online. But i don't see 1 player of the list who isn't pretty every day online.
It's your tour manu and U R the rulemaker!!!!

Thank You!
uL0v3mE Wrote:they should get outta this tour for other teams who wanna play 12 matches.

then you might aswell play the finals right now since 2 teams want to do this.
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