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Full Version: CTF tour round 1
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alright guyz imma be bak on th3 tomoro and thx lyst for posting that for meh
i think i cant. if i can anyway i'll be there, but dont think so. + i usually dont have time to play serious matches during the week. that's why i would have prefered weekend T.T so if i dont find some time to play tomorrow or thursday, then i guess you guys just advance or what ever rules say ...
Can Fresh and Faith please post here dates they can so we can finaly play? I already told you mines and hotties.
Shizz & Lyms vs Vadru & Foolish - Date???
Shizz: Any Time
Lyms: Any Time
Foolish: No Time
Vadru: ?

FresH & Fa!th vs Hotdog & Fem - Date??
Fem: Any Time
Hotdog: Any Time
Fresh: ?
Faith: ?

shin & coom vs Ownish & Sick - Date??
Shin: ?
Sick: ?
Coom: ?
Ownish: ?
At the moment me and hottie can all time all days but Faith and Fresh are not responding here so I dont know when we can pick a date.

Fresh is also not online at msn.
Hotdog and me are online almost all the time. We are now avaible for almost all time (Today not anymore but tomorrow we are till 10pm.)So the only thing they have to do is react and then we can play, but I dont know how we can contact them at the moment since I tried everything. I also dont know Faith's email so I cant mail him.

If anyone see them at th3 please ask them to contact me (or hotdog) here or on msn.
This is all I can do at the moment.
Me and Nihil vs. Fresh and Faith

2 - 0

We picked Airport
They Picked Cruiseship
we didnt play final match.

Hotdog didnt show up, nihil replacement farder in tourney
the two teams picked after lottery are manu & wabi, slappy & zoe

and the matches are as follows

1. shizz & lyms vs. manu & wabi
2. sick & ownish vs slappy & zoe

deadline for these matches will be dec 22nd

if any of the loser teams feel they cannot show up within the 3 day deadline please say so immediately so i can put another one of the loser teams in

sorry to sick that i cannot wait for shin & coom because it was already said that the loser teams will get to play if the teams don't show up and i can't extend the deadline again because of that!!

wild!!!!!!!!!! give us time to monday. ye I know I fucked it up but I didn't know I will have a problem with my internet connection. On Monday Im going to back my home for christmas so I have time to play my match and finish the tourney if we will advance. Of course i won't play at christmas. But in another day Im totally free till 16 January. If you will disagree it's ok.
alright in that case if its agreeable by sick & ownish they can play vs both teams, if you play with slappy & zoe before u play with shin & coom, u can still try to play vs shin & coom on monday and the match with shin & coom will hold more significance as they are the original team. if u play with shin & coom before u play with slappy & zoe then u dont need to play match with slappy & zoe. but if shin & coom dont sho up on monday then match with slappy & zoe will count!! I HOPE I DINT CONFUSE ANYONE

IDK WTF!>!>!!>!>!?!!?!? :lol:
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