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Full Version: CTF tour round 1
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CMON GUYS : LYMS , FOOL , VADRU we srsly have to playClosedeyes!@!!!!! i can play after Koth tour.
Skater4Life Wrote:so resul, haci 6:30 pm is ok with you?

i play at 7 pm in koth tourney:S
lets play at 5.30 pm or 6 pm?
kothtour is at 8 pm
edit : if koth is at 8 then we can at 6:30 right?

edit #2 : okay 6 pm
we start playing around 6 pm, if we arn't finished yet we take a break and you can play koth tour Wink
fresh Wrote:Hey,

Faith and I were supposed to play against fem &Hotdog.
The problem is that they weren't online at the final date.
And me and Faith are still checking out if they come.

We hope that they come tonight, otherwise we hope that you dont discualificate us. because we were there and maybe they dont.
So lets hope they come

Thanks in anticipation,

FresH'Sep! and Fa!Th'

Im online anyways but i dont get fem! shes online all time but not answering me.. sry
ok good ideaLaugh
Hey, :Original

Now the time has run out, but there are still matches to be played between other players. Do we still have time to play?

And hotdog you weren't online lots yesterday.And if you dont get fem, then it's not our problem. It's not fair if we get discualificated. because we were there...

FresH'Sep & Fa!Th'
i was online at xfire/msn about 30hours (how nerdy!) since friday and vadru bout the same, noone there for a match
resul and haci vs rey and sal

we picked foundry 0-1
they picked skater island 1-1
ap 2-1

Winners: Resul and haci

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