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Full Version: CTF tour round 1
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WTF why them WTF ofc..... we are noobz new sqls wtf rly we was online friday sunday saturday monday thusday, i wasonline ever day lyms wasnever online fool on the other daysi told and pluto sometimes online we evan played but after 4 min they leave np... kk gay tour any way cya
Why didn't you pick a fuckin date? Just waiting on thps is lame.
wild786 Wrote:no complaining about unfairness, its been unfair for round 2 pplz for a while

regarding shins team:

plz arrange a date with ur opponents for round 2 (check r2 topic if u duno ur opponents) before 26th and post it in the ROUND 2 topic, or i will replace u guys with a team that actually played in round 1
online msn whole day????? every day lyms there ? no would a date have helped no? he wasnt online 1 day man pluto evan smsed him he only on wow all the time pluto told.... wtf man and when pluto tryed other mate wabi then they leave what can we do rly we did all what i mean is that if lyms would have been online they could have called me on msn any time bcoz i have all games window mode and can read all and i would have look if fool onnline if not i would have sms him but it never hapend only once but then after 4 min 30 sec when game almost done pluto told g2g and leave 2 min later he come back but then wabi gone rly nice
sure a date woulda helped, if u set up a date and they didnt show up and u did, then atleast id kno that u guys tried, stop trying now, both of ur teams didnt try till the last moment, infact when u guys were all on at the same time and i asked u guys to play u guys just kept making excuses. its over, ur out.
shin Wrote:
ownish Wrote:..nobody was there :roll:

we were all day till evening.

ye till evening. i thougth we said 8pm?
but nvm is doesnt matter anyway
ehm , well yeah, vadru and foolish did theyre best...its me n lyms's fault...i Tryed...lyms was rly nvr online, and he doesnt answers hes phone...hmm , y its lame foolish and vadru are out, i would understand we are out , but not vadru or fool...w/e , cya
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