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Full Version: CTF tour round 1
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Goof Wrote:k when we play and vs who we play?
when: before tuesday
who: I think Sick & Ownish.
lol friend than u only have today u know that?
we play vs shin tomorrow
He meant today! 22decccccember huge event,huge match all places sold in 36secs!
shizz team and vadru's team are quite inactive if neither of them have played by 22nd then there will be no auto advancing FOR EITHER, you guys dont even try, if you dont play by 22nd both ur teams will be replaced by a loser team
Can goof and I replace one of them. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
lol tell me we dont try, what can we do if noone is online at weekends(friday till sunday), vadru and me were both there again.
ehm rly funny im atm online almost whole day on msn i have bboth pluto and lyms msn they havnt contacted me once and fool have been online friday saturday sunday monday every time somtimes other days too never seen them hmm?
Have you tried to contact them? You say they haven't tried to contact me...

What wild is saying that both of the teams is just waiting for the lucky moment that all four of you are online and that is obviously not working.
my bad Sad i rly cant say a date to be online , well, im going online now. but lyms is freaking on WoW.
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