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Full Version: CTF tour round 1
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@ Rey and Sal:

when u guys can play?
tomorrow is the last day:S
well as i said in the first reply only 10 days Sad
but hmm we might be able to play idk we will see since there is a short period of time for our first round(gj wild only 10 days gj)
ya BLAME ME, i remmeber on the 2nd day after tour u resul and haci were on but when i asked rey to come on he siad he wanted to play later.... PFFTZ
k we played

Julz and bLuemaN 2 - 1 Shifty and Krea

We picked LA
They picked AP
me and haci can play tomorrow at 6-7 pm
fixed my windows today(it might crash afther 30 min, but that's random) so i can play tommorow Wink
ya sure i can play tomorrow at that time (:

Faith and I were supposed to play against fem &Hotdog.
The problem is that they weren't online at the final date.
And me and Faith are still checking out if they come.

We hope that they come tonight, otherwise we hope that you dont discualificate us. because we were there and maybe they dont.
So lets hope they come

Thanks in anticipation,

FresH'Sep! and Fa!Th'
You should contact the other team to pick a day/time, being online at the day before the deadline doesn't work, maybe they were online for 8 days.
so resul, haci 6:30 pm is ok with you?
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