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Full Version: CTF tour round 1
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resulsep Wrote:gg's
ya ggs Original)) was fun how we picked who picks first :Xd
foolish Wrote:i was online at xfire/msn about 30hours (how nerdy!) since friday and vadru bout the same, noone there for a match
ik you are lying so dont lie i saw you and i counted sry mot but you were online 29.5 hours
fresh Wrote:Hey, :Original

Now the time has run out, but there are still matches to be played between other players. Do we still have time to play?

And hotdog you weren't online lots yesterday.And if you dont get fem, then it's not our problem. It's not fair if we get discualificated. because we were there...

FresH'Sep & Fa!Th'
Actually they were online at msn all week long. None of you guys ever tried to pick a date or contact the other team (pm/email/msn). Being online 1 day before the deadline doesn't mean you have tried a lot. Hotdog and Fem could have been online from day 1-8.
Since wild is flying home for christmas Tongue , he asked me to continue the tour.
You guys get 4 extra days to play your matches. And I want to see dates+times you guys are going to play. So no waiting at thps3 until everyone is online.
Shizz & Lyms vs Vadru & Foolish - Date???
FresH & Fa!th vs Hotdog & Fem - Date??
shin & coom vs Ownish & Sick - Date??

If your team is there at the time which BOTH teams agreed on (so not like we play tonight 7pm, if you dont show up we win), your team will stay in the tour.
If neither of the teams show up at the date or they don't pick a date at all, both teams are out. There will be a lottery for the losing teams (those who actually played) to replace the teams who didn't show up. So there is no auto advancing to round 2. This will be done at this friday.

Wabi, try to find a new partner or get manu to play. If you can't get one, tell us, then we'll find a replacing team.

So new deadline is thursday 17 december.
Just post here I mostly can come. I'll announce if the date sucks.
At first I was online much but then I got ill the 11th till today. I coudnt contact hottie that time and when he was able I wasnt anymore. Were able to play all days from 5pm to 7pm (:
Noo & Lyst vs Wabi & Manu 3-0
They picked Airport 1-0
We picked Rio 2-0
Last Airport 3-0
ok sick shin and coom
tomorrow 8pm?
tomorrow is my last exam, at 10.05 i normally go home , but i go to movie an eat smth with friends so im prolly baq after 17.00 so i can play tomorrow after 17.00 (5pm?)
or in the evening , and all the rest of the days i can play to! @@@vacation@@@
ownish Wrote:ok sick shin and coom
tomorrow 8pm?

I can be there i guess
It's oki for me.
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