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Full Version: Best THPS3 player ?!
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yoyo just want ur guys opinion on this. Who was the best player ever. I know it's hard to decide but just write some names in this topic so we can start a voting later on if we got enough. I also want the oldsql's to write smth.

I say Jam.
THPS in general or just THPS3?
Psycho Wrote:THPS in general or just THPS3?
th3 woops forgot to add.
i also gotta add akS* ! :lol:
imo really hard to say. Every year we have few really great players. The problem is that most of them aren't good in everything. Some of they own in cz, some are good graff players or improv players. That's why if we want to choose it's a bit impossible.

Voting system has no sense. Because I totally disagree with Jam.
Also some players could be missed, because new players on c3 don't know old players and old games and what's most important: they don't understand that players few years ago were fucking good.

From active players on c3 I would choose 3-4 players which could be nominated as "best player ever". But I won't say the nicks because I don't want to start next "fight" on 5 pages.

Anyway there was one guy who was totally good in everything. Imo no one could compare with him if we will look in every aspect of this game. This guy was from THC. Just guess Wink
2ss right Wink
Esk8 Wrote:2ss right Wink

Nope Tongue
I am.
shin is talking about fkone Wink

in my opinion, wild is the best
- cz (the best)
- improv (one of the best)
- ctf (one of the best)
- TA (with 251 patch, if you just look at his xtc vids)
- Graf (idk, but well, one of the best too)
- slap (no comment)
- koth (the best)
- the game with the ball (Iam the best)
- the clan (MKO) - the best
yep Fkone.

Ye wild is one of the best but imo some things disqualify him. First of all his history. 2nd thing it's easier to own nowadays when we are such a small community, everything is known than few years ago when being a pro meant something and community was much bigger. Current times suck.
obviously best player is blind only thing he isnt good at is improv
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