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Full Version: Zombie Game 2010! found by Osiris&hotdog =)
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thats okay for me
Osiris Wrote:30 June is good thats my birthday !

I can play the whole day :Laugh
WTF WOOOT WOOOOT WOOOOT NOT DELETED TH3 YES WHOOOOOHOOO???? OMOG OM OMG ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can play everyday from now Original


yeah shizz not dlted yet :Laugh

thats soooo cool to be able playin with ya. y0! Wink
Maybe add me? If there is still free space..


I guess u could zoe...

When we'll gonna play this fkin tourney ? Laugh
12 July & further is ok for me..


Well guys we want to play in the morning ?

In the morning at tuesday/wednesday/friday is very good for me.
What is morning?


8-12 am. Gmt+1
Then I'm still asleep... Laugh 13:00 CET - ... is good :Laugh
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