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Full Version: Zombie Game 2010! found by Osiris&hotdog =)
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ther are two options now!
1. we do 2 7ppl server
2. we wait for 2 more ppl and make 8ppl servers?! Ohmy
just wait (Y) OH I GOT IDEA, il ask lyms! Wink
IM IN!!!
Can we play after 24th of June? :Original


i guess we can
Shizz Wrote:Can we play after 24th of June? :Original
I think so.
Yup, then I have vacation. :Laugh
come on! 1 more!
I don't want to ruin your tourney, but wasn't it smarter to pick a date before you started the signups? Because there is no way you will find a date that all 7-8 people will be able to play at the same time. So if you pick a date now, some or maybe a lot of players can't play at that date and the tour is dead..
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