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Full Version: Zombie Game 2010! found by Osiris&hotdog =)
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uh thats tru anyways..
so some want to play after 24th june
so i think it would be good if we play next week sunday!
i dont know which time is good cuz i dont know if ther is a WC game or not... :/
ill write the time laters!
I'll ask Luther to sign up (he will).
I won't be playing. :cry:
why? Sad
h0td0g Wrote:why? Sad
I'm very busy now. Till July I probably will be on holidays, then I go to work, so I will be playing again.
I already played this game sometimes, rly cool (sombrero)
And I'm in too Original ==Original
Maybe we should set a date and time then, any suggestions?

What about Wednesday 30 June or Thursday 1 July? There aren't any WC matches those days..


30 June is good thats my birthday !

I can play the whole day :Laugh
i cant play before 3. jly
i got exams at 1. and 2.
4 or 5 July then?
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