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Full Version: Zombie Game 2010! found by Osiris&hotdog =)
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Hmm,,,,,, :shock: This game sounds freakin cool! GOodJob BfamFeaturingOsoris, Keep On the Good work (Y)
h0td0g Wrote:If the time is up or all "others" are catched by the "zombies" the game is over"
if after the zime is still one guy not catched, he is the proud winner!

what happens if no one gets caught within time, whos the winner then?
if everyone gets caught and the game is over.. whos the winner then? the original zombie? or do u just start over and do another game till someone wins?

if everyone who doesnt get caught is a winner, then there can be multiple winners of this tour? Ohmy

i guess ill play Tongue
me too
Sign me up too
sounds great, but I wont be able to play that tourney Tongue
we would be 8 players now!
we could make a date to play now! what bout sunday evening?
Mi too mi too


@ wild :Well i and hotty will think about some Rules!

@blueman Why u wont Be able to Play? Ohmy

of we Would get 16 guys that would Be very cool !
Osiris Wrote:@blueman Why u wont Be able to Play? Ohmy

blu already said in other topic<and also told me @th3> he leave th3 for 6 months soon so thats prolly why.
Why ure gonna leave?! Sad
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