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Full Version: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November
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Hey guyz i was talking to a few ppl and i think we should arrange a new Reunion.
I know it will be hard to get the old players on especially since pretty everyone is inactive on msn. I´m sure it´s in the interest of everyone here to meet the old guyz again so we should just try to get as many ppl as possible online to this weekend.
First of all i´ll invite every registered member here on c3.
I still need your help since i don´t know how many ppl will get this invitation. So if you have any contact to old players please invite them and maybe ask if they got another contacts.
I will add a list of players who will come later.
Cooool idea! ill tell everyone i have on skype
good idea. I will be around if this is going to happen
maybe posting on phun forum would be helpful ?
I'm able to get in contact with RyC via Steam if that's helpful? Tongue
Good for me. Original
Faith had sent me a message yesterday, which ended up in me checking this forum again. I will probably be able to play some games with you guys the weekend of 22-23 November. Just have to re-install THPS3 and fix that GameSpy-problem. I must suck big time by now though. Do you guys remember me at all?
Who are you?HuhPopcorn
Hahha, Lyst is still as funny Laugh and probably even smarter than back then. Masters degree should be in the pocket by now Laugh
I wish that was true; no I still need to do my Master thesis, I will probably be done at the end of this year.
Oh wow, I hope you will man Original I haven't got my bachelors degree yet either, so it's all good Laugh
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