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Full Version: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November
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22th November is tomorrow?
22nd yes
(11-21-2014 13:35)Lyst Wrote: [ -> ]22nd yes

im not interested about 22nd Wink

Anyway have fun Tongue I will come maybe for 1 hour or 2 Wink
Is there anyone online? I don't see anyone. Or is my th3 broke..?
Are you on openspy. If not check the first thing listed on this forum. If you do have openspy, the serverlist and playerlist can be buggy. You need to reconnect a couple of times by returning to the previous menu and click internet again. But personally I think it is just a bit early as Im typing this in my bed.
funny. I wanted to see how things are going and what i saw? Rev and some guy are playing on New York- new map. If you want to play with old buddies, play on old thps3 levels. Many guys will leave thps3 because they can't play with you or they are just lazy to install new maps like me ;]
I'm experiencing the server list bug too. I run that regsetup thing first, so I at least thps3 setup remembered my settings and version number showed up in main menu. Then I run thps3 in Windows XP compatibility mode to get rid of graphics bugs. Initially I thought it solved server list bug, but I guess it did nothing to fix it. I'm running thps3 on windows 8.1.
Did you manage to see a server ever? Because in openspy sometimes you have to rejoin for a minute to see a server, while at other moments all servers pop up immediately. It's quite annoying I know.
here is a link: this guy will be livesteaming the reunion
Lyst, I saw the server. Hopefully I will be playing in couple of hours.
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