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Full Version: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November
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great ty guyz!
Please let me know bout all the guyz who gonna come!
willbe there 2 Laugh
(10-14-2014 09:37)Lyst Wrote: [ -> ]I wish that was true; no I still need to do my Master thesis, I will probably be done at the end of this year.

Impressive! Thumbup
Some screenshots of that day:
[Image: w4m4y.jpg]
[Image: 2h4du0i.jpg]
too much nostalgia lyst..
haha i remember i was in iLo with kamil
i was in iLo too! (i love orange right?)
i couldn't even stand for a photo Laugh I always improv Tongue

Anyway make someone a new tf and I will inform Polish Players about reunion dayLaugh



finally shin showed up Tongue. I was waiting for that... yeah pls invite polish players !!!
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