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Full Version: MK0 series n°2 : ROUND 3 FIGHT !
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(08-27-2013 13:38)Ownish Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-10-2013 12:47)Faith Wrote: [ -> ]YES finally!
music and faith vs gamer and ownish:


we never played. wow.

Xd Laugh
(08-29-2013 16:12)wild786 Wrote: [ -> ]thats it faith and music are disqualified and owni and gamer suck anyway so me and bluey win by default ggs everyone

I see you've got it all figured out. This was a plan all along wasn't it? i guess playing batman thought you something after all.Well it would've been perfect if you have counted in chuck norris. Since you haven't I believe he's the default winner.
we won gg
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