Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: MK0 series n°2 : ROUND 3 FIGHT !
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Yeah that'd be 3am ><"
oke music what times can u play on sat, i'll tell u if i can play at those times
hi guys !
tomorrow, I can play anytime !
Just tell me when as soon as possible !
i can aswell.. music prefers like 2-3pm german time. if he can play..
that'll be like 6am for me, hmm ok i think i can be there 3pm german time on saturday i just want music to confirm that he'll be ther
3pm is perfect !
waiting for music confirmation !
Sorry been out! I'll be there assuming I haven't missed it?

Quick edit: nope, 1:45pm German time Laugh
music just stay for 1 more hour then it will bbe 3pm.
so? i am available. when do we play?
willldy, come online asap Original
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