Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: MK0 series n°2 : ROUND 3 FIGHT !
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so wild thats like now? and we still got 1.5 hours till 8?
I said I can play at that time, no one else said they could so I didn't show up...
guys, i already said I cant play this week. got no
PC, so no thps3.. i will be able to play sunday. anytime from 11AM to 9 PM.
Btw, paragliding is awesome..
awesome bluey! the flying blueman!
i can pay sundays aswell
Sunday 11am would be awesome I think Original So that's.. 1 day and 5hrs from now?
wild cna you play? best would be if we play from 11.14 am (which i now) till 4,14 (pm)
i can play now ! and until 7PM Original
I'll be online for another hour and a half. If no one shows up I'll have to go sleep :\
i can play saturday but not sunday at about 7pm german time
music thats like 3-4 am for you right? I dont mind it..i can play though
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