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Full Version: Rio CTF TOUR Round 2
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1. w!Ld & Goof vs uLoveMe & Bluey
2. Lyst & Fatguy vs Shifty & Krea

RULES: 3 matches (best 2 outta 3 wins ofcourse), 5min ctf games WITH xtc, one with most caps wins (doesn't matter if its in time or after time just get more caps then other team)

Deadline to post the arranged times in the thread is 19th

deadline to finish yer games is 23rd

if anyone happens to not be able to play within the deadline please say so asap

@Goof, ULM n bluey
when can all yall play (give me earliest times possible plox)

some advice to lyst & fg: shifty n krea are a lil hard to find so try to finish teh match before u get anywhere close to deadline
k i can play it wednesday or thursday at 7pm gmt+ 1 or later. I cant friday and all the week end. I will be able to play that next monday but i think that ULM wont be able to play after this friday.
I can play thursday/friday 14:00-21:00 and sunday all day.
i can play everyday till friday...


tomorrow 7 pm is ok for me
thursday 20th 16:00 CET?
uL0v3mE Wrote:tomorrow 7 pm is ok for me

kk goof if u cant play at this time say it today

oh and if im not on at that time ill definitely be on msn so just call me and ill come
no i cant sry but im able at thursday 19.00?
Goof Wrote:no i cant sry but im able at thursday 19.00?

k ulm and bluey u guys can play at this time right?


idk we will see it tomorrow
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