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Full Version: Rio CTF TOUR Round 2
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same answer than ulm !
Is it possible to play earlier? I can at 5 or 5.30PM GMT +1 or earlier if you want
I couldnt get to speak with fatguy.. So I'll just be online at 4pm and hope he read all this...
i'll be there too. krea should be there also..
yup ill be on
Fatguy & Lyst vs Shifty & Krea 2-0
ggs Wink
what about 18.15?
can u guys play right now? Laugh

im free all day, if u cant play today lets start arrangin time for tomorrow
tomorrow 18.00?


ok guys sry i had to work from 6.00 AM till 19.30 PM (crazy), and i´m flying to turkey tomorrow for 2 weeks. So i have time to play from now till tomorrow 14.00 PM or in 2 weeks Tongue
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