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Full Version: Rio CTF TOUR Round 2
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uL0v3mE Wrote:ok guys sry i had to work from 6.00 AM till 19.30 PM (crazy), and i´m flying to turkey tomorrow for 2 weeks. So i have time to play from now till tomorrow 14.00 PM or in 2 weeks Tongue

hmmmm 14 eh? can anyone else play at that time? lol

its like EARLY for me Closedeyes


hm sry i meant 2 pm LaughLaugh
well i got exam tomorrow so i cant play tomorrow at your times, but i can make some time free today, for playing the tour?
lets try to make it today then u guys

how bout in 15min!?


it´s ok for me
and blueman? can u get him?


no i only have his msn and there he isn´t on
man that sux Xd we only need bluey

we'll wait like 45min for bluey to respond Ohmy
iam there kids !


wild and goof 1 - 2 uloveme and bluey
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