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Full Version: THPS 3 15th anniversary
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Next Tuesday, 28th of march 2017, THPS3 PC will be exactly 15 years old.
I think we should celebrate this with some sort of reunion. Tuesday is a really odd day, so I propose to do something in the weekend of 25-26. I have little to no contact with THPS3 players anymore so please spread the word! See you around next week!Thumbup
bring a cake and im in.
I'll try to be there Original
Ugh, no time Sad But it was cool to receive the e-mail hahha Original I hope all of you are doing fine! Much LovE and KisseS!
Hi there!

I'll try to be there at the weekend!

I try to contact with Rev and maybe somone else Bialas etc.

See yaa!

I'll try to stop by some times for a quick game.

Hope to see y'all!
Hey! It's such a great thing, i'm in obviusly
Nice to receive a Mail! Sorry but i'm travelling to Amsterdam. Have a nice Time!
ahah I will try to join, probably the 26th. This is a nice idea ! I spent so much time of my childhood on this game Laugh I have no Internet connection at home but i will try to use my phone.

btw Lyst, I thought you created this topic for my bday but noooooop Sad

edit: i will contact faith, azy and ownish. Wild joined the army so he can't play at all ^^
Ok I'm in ^
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