Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: THPS 3 15th anniversary
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I can't really play THPS3 anymore as my laptop is shit and I don't have a USB keyboard, I'll do my best tho
why nobody told me that thps3 has such a nice soundtrack? i used to play with no sound Original

[Image: SVySdAP.png]
also Yog was there.
Ill be there tomorrow afternoon. I thought I had planned it the weekend after the anniversary, but apparently I somehow wrote the date of this weekend Xd. Not that it matters.
[Image: a02HlDc.png]
Change the fucking maps if u want people to join..
Only seen Virus, Sonar and Demo sofar (and Faith in the lobby).
Sorry guys I cant see servers.. azzy cant see servers either.. Maybe its my ping.. cus im in taiwan.. anyways you gotta change map from time to time for people to see you in lobby.
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