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Full Version: cant play online
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hello all
emm, i've been with a problem in th3 online . my thps3 cant connect to online mode. i reinstalled the game . but the problem is there im asking for your help
thankz and waiting for your reply.
openspy was down today. it's working now.
nope. i have this problem in the last 4 or 5 weeks
well if someone else can help with this pls
"can't connect" doesn't really describe the issue. does it freeze? do you get any error message?
check if version is 1.01 (in menu)
check firewall
check ports
delete netsettings
well, only this message, with the openspy patch , and ye its v1.01
well, this.

(01-08-2016 03:42)Demo Wrote: [ -> ]openspy was down today. it's working now.

I've received the same message on that day.
but i couldnt connect since 4 or 5 weeks ago.Then??
can you open
yep Original
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