Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Improve you prov (3rd edition)!!- 6th week
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Level: San Francisco
2mins+ extra time

Deadline: 10th January 2016!! (longer deadline cause christmas, new year, etc. Wink

Everyone can participate!!

Overall rules are here:

Link to the mod:
The greatest pain in the ass

@azzyz u were right, London was an awesome level
Welcome tooooo saaan frannn ciscoooo
Feels so empty :'( can anyone link some older improvs? Need some examples in this one
I bet you can find some thps4 or thug2 improvs of this on youtube. Would give you some idea of level usage and thats about it I think...
Definitely the toughest map imo
if stof is right
thug2 looking improvisations (thugpro)
this helps a lot because they are estils different, but many things can be adapted to make them in thps3
the graphics make me lag even more when recording D: i dont think ill make a run for this one..

beautiful run
inspirational - minds. I have never seen such creative straight lines
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