Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Improve you prov (3rd edition)!!- 6th week
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Thanks to this I just came across an idea of creating lines in all levels so we can use them to get high scores in TA

wait what

edit: sorry that was last spampost Tongue
last day.
ow come on.. guys. If this this level is too hard then tell me ;]

New Deadline 10th January.
many hangover Xd
Its not difficult Im just too busy Meditating, Training, Going primal and using narcotics, January is a busy month for all
I'll show ya what's too hard LOL
LOL shizz
no but really I find it difficult Tongue Ive capped tho (before the deadline), but its just boring and sux, and Im not uploading it because I have to study actually atm Tongue
been very busy as well. plus i'm now kinda addicted to thugpro and in some fuck thps3.. lol Blushing
I was also hoping others to upload first and gain some inspiration. Someone did upload an entry but that got me sorta uninspired for some strange reason :-}
it seems no one will cap for this week ;/

maybe i should suspend this week and start new one? ;> next level is shipyard.
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