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Ah wolf, you always make my day Original
Ok its because i tryed to say that, this forum is just a piece of crap ( i guess thats the 3rd warn ), I know, I know, you are the admin here, but sometimes i dont get it, how can you let someone spamm and instead of him you ban some other dude for a shit reason.
Why am i visiting this forum?
Hmm why dont u ask Shin?
Am I the only player who left and still visits this forum? I dont think so.
Stop talking such bullshit (N)
Ok. I think this is going too far.

I am 100% on the Lyst's side. I know him from the beginning, and he tried to mix all thps3 communities. He made so much for this game. He is one of the most involved player even if he doesn't play.
You guys came 10 yrs after and you are going to explain to us that our behaviour is rly baaaad? There was (almost :roll: ) no problem before.

Tell me : why haven't I received any warns since I joined this community (back in 2004/2005?)? Okay you are going to tell that it's coz I know mods or whatever, but find a post in which I am spamming or flamming. Look at all bC team or even MKO. No one (I guess) has been warned. why? No flamming, we just play for fun.

@unhappy newschooler : don't you remember the beginning? Who trained you?
Who has spend some time trying to teach you basic techniques?
As faith says : just don't spam and improve your skills. If you do it no one will get some warns.

@Esk8 : thanks mat for cleaning this forum as much as you could. (Y)
So you are suggesting that Lalita got banned for shit reasons? Are you serious or just saying this because Lalita is your friend? I can tell you Lalita's warns were 1000 times more deserved than Jez0's if he would have got one. Lalita insulted many people, he got reported many times (proves there are many more people thinking the same about this) and was involved in each topic in which there was a fight.
Jez0, on the other hand, only posted some posts which did not add much to the forum. On one hand the posts look like they're only made to increase postcount, but on the other hand it could be his age or inexperience with forums as well. It's not something which can be judged objectively. And I can't warn people just for being stupid (which is a good thing, because else I would use my function for personal reasons). Yes in my opinion his posts don't add much to the forum, but it's also very easy to just ignore his posts and not to bother that much. If I had to start warning everyone who did not add something to the forum with a post, then half of this forum would already have been perma-banned.

Yes why are you visiting this forum? You left the game and you think this forum is a piece of crap. Either you're lying or you're just looking for attention.
Is it possible to delete accounts on this forum? if yes doet now...
Why don't you just leave? Why do you need to banned and why does your account need to be deleted? Haven't had enough attention yet? :|
I'm not looking for attention, im checking this forum to see whats going on, on thps3 nothing more, u can think what u want...
You're checking this forum to see what is going on on a game you don't like anymore and that's why you want to be banned/have your account deleted? Please..
Nah, i just check it bcz of topics that are not realated (or whatever is it called) to th3, gettin popcorn and see some nice fights...
@blue I don't see how you can get warned all you really do on this forum is say your leaving this game every 2 months, well thats all I have seen since I started in 08...
also you say why you haven't received warns it's because people like you don't care when people spam the forum, you just post random in another topic saying your quitting lol...

also no one taught me anything, besides goof a few tfs but the community was fucked at the beginning, i like you on this game and all but i had to disagree with what you said so no harm done
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