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Wow, this is getting outta control very fast.
It was meant to talk about the admins, not about THPS3.. :ugeek:
Lets get back to the topic...
admins are shit...
Oh Wolf.. :lol:
Oh ye, i know im funn-oh,oh back to the topic, back to the topic wolf...

To be honest...I NEVER RLY LIKED C3 or THIS ADMINS...
And now im telling you to report my post, bcz im sure the admins wont see :lol: ...
Fuck Ya all c3 admins i hate u soooo much Laugh ban me if u want idgaf Laugh cu...
mmm :roll:
I thought wolf you are more mature than you are. Whatever, you will be banned.

PS. let's close this topic. Wolf got too many tickets to disneyworld.
Zedd Wrote:I just waited 2minutes on a server observing cz just to get kicked when I could finally join.

and u guys are arguing about what exactly? YOU DONT KNOW WHAT PAIN IS IN LIFE, 2minutes fucking wasted mygawd

host was -Empty'isback- btw
fuck him
bitch game.

that sucks zedd :? and i understand you i played some cz vs some .psk/psx guy and after he finally beat me after 3 rounds or sth he said "I OWNED YOU YOU FUCKING NERD" and banned me lol.
but thats just an idiot and its not like all of the newer players are like that :Original
Sorry, you guys are really pathetic. This forum has always been very open and easy going. Only people who came here to ruin the ethos on this forum got warned, at least by me. I know it is very hard for you guys to accept some control, but complete anarchy is not the way to go, neither is this very strict community in which everyone is looking for posts which he/she can report. I'm receiving reports now that jez0 has gone offtopic, while he responds to the post before him which is also offtopic, but which nobody cared to report. Sorry, but the report system is not there to find a way to get people you don't like banned.

And Wolf, I seriously don't care what you think about me, the other administrators or this forum. I don't care either whether or not you left this game. You're really acting like you're the important guy in this community, whom we're all going to miss and you expect us all to feel bad, because you don't play anymore. If you hate this place so bad, go ahead leave. If you don't like playing thps3, why are you still visiting this forum which is about thps3? Sorry, but in my eyes you're just looking for attention.

I run this place, to give the thps3 players the possibility to talk, discuss and stay in touch with each other outside the game. I started this to bring all subcommunities within thps3 together into one place, in order to make this game last longer. If you have proper criticism with good arguments, what is so awefully bad about this place and how to make it better, I'm all yours, I'll try to improve the forum. But most of you have a really twisted view of things going on here on the forum, for instance Lalita thinking I'm continiously looking for his mistakes so I can ban him again. Sorry, but I cannot change or fix anything at this forum if it is not there, if the problem only exists in your head.

@esk8, too bad you lost your interest in this game. I respect your decision and hope that this situation did not affect your decision, which you already said it didn't. Because the last thing I want is people helping me to run this place to be insulted/disrespected for doing so. I'd like to thank you for your help, which is not only appreciated by me, but I think by many other players of this community. (Y)
Can u ban me ? Original
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