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Full Version: Project 512x - HD level conversions
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Project 512x is aimed to retexture original THPS3 game levels in HD, keeping the original look and feel. Generally each 64x texture is replaced by 512x texture which is more than 8 times larger by each side. Each conversion includes new 1280x960 loadscreen.

All-in-one download (200mb):
Separate downloads:

Current progress:
Canada [watch normal video] [watch summer video]
Rio [watch video]
Suburbia [watch video]
Airport [watch video]
Skater Island [watch video]
Los Angeles
Cruise Ship
Oil Rig
Warehouse [watch video]

The message:

You may find that distant objects are pretty grainy. This is because THPS3 doesn't use bilinear filtering for textures in TDX containers. There is no way to solve this problem at the moment. Set up the highest possible resolution (native resolution of your display is the best choice)


[Image: w6i8.jpg][Image: sub2j.jpg][Image: si2al.jpg]
[Image: ap1t.jpg][Image: canhd1.png][Image: warehd04.jpg]
Great work!
nicez0r! gj (Y)
nice job
holy shit this looks awesome! (sombrero)
Added 1280x960 loadscreen (since it's largest resolution available by default)
largest resolution by default in th3? i thot that was 1280 x 1024
wild786 Wrote:largest resolution by default in th3? i thot that was 1280 x 1024
o ye indeed :lol: I thought they all are 4:3 resolutions :? however 10% upscale won't decrease quality a lot Tongue
Here it is, 512x Canada.

Download: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Video: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->


Loadscreen preview (original 1280x960):
great job man
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