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Full Version: Rio CTF Tour
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hio guys
Rio ctf tour is here!

teams contains 2 players. Teams will be formed of your own

sign up here
1. manu
1. goof
2. Resul
2. Haci
3. krea
3. shifty
4. Foolish
4. S4L
5. ULoveMe
5. Blueman
6. Sick
6. Esk8
7. Fresh
7. Faith
8. Lyst
9. Plan
10. Day
10. Zoe
11. Vadru
11. lalita
12. Boom
12. ownish

u have time to fill in this spots till 21.4
otherwise we play with 8 teams

sign ups end on 21.4.10
rules will follow after sign ups
me and haciLaughLaugh


pls explain the rules and i hope u mean 3 rounds per match?
i think best of 3 means 2-0 or 2-1 or 3-0. ulm are you with me?


shin´s system was great couldn´t we use it?

it was sth like

if ure team wins in time u get 1 point
if ure team makes more xtc than the other team 1 point
and the team who´s winning the match (so in time + xtc) 1 point

and ye ok bluey with me Tongue
my and shifty but 4 teams is too less
ik that 4 teams are u less
thatts why i did the ... under team 4.
@ ulm
i will take this system if i have enough teams
Conan Edogawa and Jurakyūru Mihōku (foolish and sal)
blalbalbabalblbala rules blalalblalbalablbal bad rules blbalblbalbaablbalbalbla.
krea Wrote:my and shifty but 4 teams is too less
hahahah! that's cool. i hate rio, but nvm.
xtc sux but ok with sal as he wrote
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