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Full Version: TDS GT 2010 - Sign ups
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ME :Original
SicK Wrote:workday O.o? u work till 20? well ok. 1 more free place then.
no, but i got school till 22 :roll:
i´m <99% sure yet>
shoulda made it on weekend Xd i have class that day
sign me up plz i want to join the tournament
spot left? then i take it Laugh
Cool i hope i will be able to be there too. I should wake up earlier and learn but as always i ve to sleep so fuczczkin long. 6 hours left i go learn and i hope cya guys there in 6 hours!
ok 100% about first time at a tour Laugh
Vadru Wrote:spot left? then i take it Laugh
Its already taken, but i added u to reserve list. If someone wont come, u get his spot.
Bad time for tourney. I'm not quite sure I will be able to compete. It's 50/50 atm :|

If I am not there at 20:00 that means Vadur or that aKS guy can join. My nick is dzFuQ.
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