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Full Version: TDS GT 2010 - Sign ups
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Hi, everybody knows about what is this tour i think, so rules are the same as in previous year.

Sign ups list:

1. Rambone
2. Sick
3. Ownish
4. Plum
5. Foolish
6. Shifty
7. Krea
8. Aks

Reserve list:

1. Vadru
sign me up plz :Original
btw, when will it be?
me 2, but i'd like to know when it is too Original
so sign me up plox and if the date doesnt match for me ill cancel my sign up
ofc i i'm in again. sign me up :lol: :lol:
sign me in
It is tomorrow<monday> 8pm CET GMT+1. We are waiting for confirmation from ownish and plum tho. I wanted rambone to add plum to the list cuz he was the one who ased about tdsgt2010.

Sign ups list:

1. Rambone<willplayfosure>
2. Sick<willplayfosure>
3. Ownish<willplayfosure>
4. Plum<not sure yet>
6. Foolish<willplayfosure>
7. Shifty<not sure yet>
8. Krea<not sure yet>

We are pty much waiting for confirmation from every1 who has <not sure yet> (sombrero) (Y) :mrgreen: .
yeyey im in y0
that time is ok i guess, ill play
props for making it on a workday :roll: , count me out
workday O.o? u work till 20? well ok. 1 more free place then.
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