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  Thread: Who's here?
Post: RE: Who's here?

You'd be lucky getting 4 players on at the same time nevermind 8. Great idea but it won't happen, especially if its months away. Would be great if we had a day where people just come online at some po...
slappy Players 103 27,539 05-17-2019, 03:05
  Thread: Who's here?
Post: RE: Who's here?

You guys still playing? Wouldnt mind a game of ctf or something during a weekend ;)
slappy Players 103 27,539 10-17-2018, 10:59
  Thread: Who's here?
Post: RE: Who's here?

Whats good
slappy Players 103 27,539 10-16-2018, 14:18
  Thread: Back in the day ???? :O
Post: RE: Back in the day ???? :O

(03-19-2016 18:40)Zoe4ever Wrote:  Oh my... on point spins... and here I am rewatching my videos from 8 years ago and cringing.. them cheeky slow mos...
slappy Videos 10 2,332 03-20-2016, 17:26
  Thread: The Big Bully judy :D
Post: RE: The Big Bully judy :D

(02-22-2016 17:00)Zoe4ever Wrote:  Slappy, my love <3 what up in dooblin bro
slappy Videos 15 2,747 02-22-2016, 23:40
  Thread: The Big Bully judy :D
Post: RE: The Big Bully judy :D

i got no words for this video really. Too bad hitler didnt go to south america to wipe you all out really
slappy Videos 15 2,747 02-21-2016, 21:33
  Thread: THPS3 Pictures part 3
Post: RE: THPS3 Pictures part 3

can any1 get me an autograph of dav. I hear they go for around $500,000 atm
slappy THPS 425 35,473 11-05-2015, 15:08
  Thread: Happy new 2015
Post: RE: Happy new 2015

happy new year
slappy News 14 2,361 12-31-2014, 20:27
  Thread: XboxLive Users? (360)
Post: RE: XboxLive Users? (360)

too slow m8, threw mine out bout 1-2months ago.
slappy Off-Topic 2 5,927 12-20-2014, 20:27
  Thread: Stick-It # 130
Post: RE: Stick-It # 130

Its up to the judge when it comes to picking a winner. Just because youre a nab and cant handle the fact that people are better doesnt mean we have to listen to your bullshit. It was funny reading you...
slappy Stick-its 36 5,450 11-27-2014, 17:06
  Thread: TH3 Reunion 2014 sign-up!!
Post: RE: TH3 Reunion 2014 sign-up!!

I'll come but i dont understand why the signup is so far away from the actual reunion. Half of the people will probably forget by then.
slappy News 100 15,302 11-14-2014, 19:00
  Thread: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November
Post: RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November

(10-21-2014 20:40)Blindie Wrote:  I heard "reunion" You probably have more of those famous blind stories to tell. Im hoping you do anyway.
slappy News 73 10,123 10-30-2014, 05:40
  Thread: THPS3 Humor
Post: RE: THPS3 Humor

Can someone please just ban this guy or something.....................
slappy Videos 4 1,157 10-16-2014, 17:27
  Thread: Ware metall
Post: RE: Ware metall

(10-14-2014 04:30)HELLYEAH´DaV Wrote:  GODAMN PINKY!! CAN'T SEE SHIT!!!!! Stop reviving old posts.
slappy Modifications 18 2,919 10-14-2014, 19:02
  Thread: ¿are saying?
Post: RE: ¿are saying?

Everyone is just so used to english on thps3. For years people have been to learn/speak english since its the "international" language. Since a lot of polish dutch german etc. players were told to spe...
slappy THPS 7 1,229 10-05-2014, 02:07
  Thread: LevelMod 5 is sexy
Post: RE: LevelMod 5 is sexy

The thing is that there is a script/file that is crashing my game for some random reason in vanc and zoo. Thing is that demo cant pinpoint the file that is doing that at the moment. So the only way to...
slappy Videos 25 3,222 09-04-2014, 23:02
  Thread: #inVadruWeTrust
Post: RE: #inVadruWeTrust

(08-31-2014 06:51)HELLYEAH´DaV Wrote:   (08-31-2014 04:56)slappy Wrote:   (08-30-2014 03:29)HELLYEAH´DaV Wrote:   Hey guys i've been thinking about it, And Vadru can't do this to us!!!...
slappy THPS 6 1,971 08-31-2014, 12:35
  Thread: #inVadruWeTrust
Post: RE: #inVadruWeTrust

(08-30-2014 03:29)HELLYEAH´DaV Wrote:   Hey guys i've been thinking about it, And Vadru can't do this to us!!! it's been a while now and we still haven't got shit!!!! But false promises You kn...
slappy THPS 6 1,971 08-31-2014, 04:56
  Thread: Who wants to make me a hud xD?
Post: RE: Who wants to make me a hud xD?

(08-18-2014 19:00)HELLYEAH´DaV Wrote:   (08-18-2014 18:52)Faith Wrote:  Lol 23 XD Magic Number Faith :thumbup: _____________________________ ...
slappy Modifications 9 2,472 08-18-2014, 20:18
  Thread: BBC HUD and OpenSpy Logo
Post: RE: BBC HUD and OpenSpy Logo

I like the Openspy idea but dude use something other than paint for your images.
slappy Huds 2 1,553 08-18-2014, 20:14
  Thread: Who is HotSauce¿¿
Post: RE: Who is HotSauce¿¿
slappy Players 5 1,805 08-18-2014, 18:05
  Thread: Normal/MG NM - Suburbia
Post: RE: Normal/MG NM - Suburbia

Low quality, lack of boobs, hipster skater clothes, 1980s skating moves. -90/10
slappy Videos 29 3,584 08-18-2014, 15:24
  Thread: rev irl !four years ago!
Post: RE: rev irl !four years ago!

i just have no words for this
slappy Videos 11 1,998 08-16-2014, 08:35
  Thread: War?
Post: RE: War?

I'd just replace their weapons with nerf guns and knives with pool noodles. That be funny as fuck
slappy Off-Topic 16 8,130 08-11-2014, 07:23
  Thread: What are you listening to?
Post: RE: What are you listening to?

Hooked on this song for about 6months...
slappy Off-Topic 719 52,699 08-10-2014, 01:36
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